LNSC Announces 1st Annual "Lucky @ The Lake 5K" what's it all about??

Date Posted: 2/13/2019

On Monday January 14th the club announced this march it will be hosting the

1st Annual LNSC “Lucky @ The Lake 5K”, a St. Patrick's Day themed 5K race, also featuring a 1 Mile Fun Run for younger or older runners looking for something to just get the blood flowing and the heart rate up,

The event will be hosted and run through two venues located side by side on Mazeppa Rd. The first of the venues we are intimately familiar with at this point Mazeppa Road Park, and the second our sometimes-noisy neighbors over the hill, that make us all wonder what’s going on over there cause it sounds like a lot of fast and fun is GoPro Motorplex. The two are combining their resources and facilities to allow LNSC the opportunity create a truly unique 5K race course and what is shaping up to be a truly unique event for Mooresville, taking place on Saturday March 16th, with the race kicking off at 8am sharp on the track at GoPro.

So, I decided to dig a bit more into this event and figure out what exactly all the excitement is about.

The first stop on my quest for information on this event lead me to Scott Flowers, LNSC Director of Operations,  after a few minutes of my questions I began to get the impression that there is not much that goes on around Mazeppa Road Park, that he does not have his finger prints on in some way, and when asked to describe the event Flowers said “This is something we have been wanting to do for a long time, and just maybe did not have the staff in place to pull it all together, but the board helped us make some valuable additions this year, and we have had the right kind of people in place to make things like this and our other events not only possible, but done well.”

Flowers continued “ the way this Race has come together, has my team and I very excited, we have been working hard planning this event from scratch since last June, and much longer if we count planting the seeds of the idea of even trying to host a 5K, and as we keep inching closer to the day of the event, seeing all the moving parts that have finally started falling into place one by one, has us all  pumped for race day and I think with the race course we have planned for this event will be truly top notch, making it one race folks in the area will look forward to seeing on the race calendar each spring moving forward”..

The course as described by Flowers, is highlighted throughout from start to finish with things like sending racers through the twists and turns of the professional road course cart track at GoPro Motorplex, before they transition to the middle section of the race providing runners a bit of variety and challenge as they work their way through multiple light elevational shifts on chunks of course as they move through Mazeppa Road Park, before finally heading toward the home stretch and sprint to the finish back on the track at GoPro.


Flowers finished by saying “as someone that runs these kinds of races regularly, I’ve seen a lot of the good, bad, and plain boring courses out there. Personally, I’m looking forward to getting out on this one and enjoying all we believe the course will have to offer for everyone, no matter what level runner you are.. well that and finishing before any of the other coaches of course”.

While this event is first a foremost a race and there will plenty of people out testing themselves against the course and the other racers, at heart this event is looks to be centered more around providing an all-inclusive community building event where all participants are welcome to decide whether they want to Run the Race or simply Walk the Course, with the overall goal being that every participant and spectator enjoys themselves and the event.

Once the race ends participants should plan to stick around as LNSC is planning some complementary Post-Race Festivities, and while the LNSC staff is keeping these tight lipped for now, there is a strong sense that they will have some surprises announced soon, that will make this event both race and early start to one of our countries favorite holidays.

LNSC Marketing Director- Brad Bagan commented on the event saying, ‘While this is a new event for the club, the staff here are extremely excited about the uniqueness we are going to bring for the inaugural running of the race, which we owe a huge thank you to both our friends at GoPro Motorplex and the Iredell County Parks & Rec Department, what really excites me about this events and ones like it are the community building opportunities inherent in them. An event like this brings to our area not only an opportunity for our club to build stronger bonds with our community, but also for those in our community to build stronger bonds with one another.

When asked to expand on this a bit further Bagan continued, “For example take me, this is my first year with the club,  while being a native of Charlotte, who went away to school and then work, only to return a few exits further north 77 than my comfort zone and personal network,  I see this event as the opportunity I have been looking for to get to know not only more of our LNSC families outside of the teams I coach, but also more of the people and local businesses in the area. So, gearing up for this event I plan to start a free “LNSC Couch to 5K” Run Club through the clubs social media, hoping to create a group of likeminded folks such as myself that don’t necessarily love to run or have maybe even claimed to be allergic to running at some point in the past, and are recently for whatever reason no questions asked interested in flirting with the goal of tackling a 5K, and use this as a networking/relationship building event for myself and anyone who wants to join me, as events like this are a simple way to bring people together and build community.


Pressing Bagan a little bit further on what he thought of the potential of the event could be, he finished off by saying “overall I think this event and event like this have the power connect people if you put them together right, I think we have looked to do that in the way we approached building this event,  we did not just jump in with both feet, we took our time and we always kept the participants and greater Lake Norman community in mind, soccer or not, and to that end we looked to put on an event that would provide anyone the opportunity to come connect with others and celebrate our community together, and if we can pull that off this year, this will be a big event for the area each spring moving forward”.  

So, at the end of the day stopping into the LNSC office I was a bit unsure what sense of the event I would leave with, and how the information I took away would shape this piece, but I think the take away here is that the club is not just putting on an event to raise money to support and sustain its own initiatives and agenda, but are once again putting on an event to help further connect the community around them, and are again staying true to their club pillars of Commitment, Integrity, and Community....


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