LNSC Junior Program U11-U12

Academy U11 - U12

Program Goal

Learn to Play in a Team
Learn to Compete


  • Training - 2 training sessions per week with an optional Friday session of pick-up soccer
  • Gameplay - 8-10 weekends of gameplay for Fall & Spring, 4-5 events per year

Technical Priority:

  • Overall Mastery of Ball (Dribbling, Passing, Receiving, and Shooting)
  • Develop Psychomotor Skills (Coordination & Movement)

Tactical Priority:

  • Individual Skill Development > Team Development
  • Individual Confidence Building (1v1)

Playing Time Expectations:

  • Playing time is developmentally appropriate; players will play 50% of games

Gameplay Methods:

  • 8v8 Format

LNSC Central

Senior & Junior Force (Boys) Director 
Scott Flowers - sflowers@lakenormansoccer.com

Senior & Junior Eclipse (Girls) Director  
Kate Hammes - khammes@lakenormansoccer.com

Academy Force (Boys) Director 
Scott Flowers - sflowers@lakenormansoccer.com

Academy Eclipse (Girls) Director 
Trish Hughes - 

LNSC South

Branch Director
Ross Englert - renglert@lakenormansoccer.com

LNSC West (Lincoln County)

Branch Director
John Patterson - jlpatterson@lakenormansoccer.com

LNSC Statesville

Branch Director