Club Fees Vs. Team Dues

Club Fees Vs. Team Dues

Lake Norman Soccer Club is proud to have one of the lowest fee structures in the area. At LNSC, there are two sets of payments for which you are responsible. Please do not confuse the two. Non-payment of either set of fees can result in a player being suspended from the team and formal collection procedures being implemented.

Club Fees: Each player is responsible for paying club fees, which cover LNSC's overhead, including salaries, facility rentals, insurance, the fees the club pays NCYSA, US Club etc. These are payable directly to the club via your member account or a check made payable to LNSC, PO Box 3813, Mooresville, NC 28117.  Automatic drafts are available and encouraged via your member account.

Club Fee Schedule

Team Dues: Team dues are specific to each team. Teams are responsible for paying referee fees, tournament entry fees, and travel expenses for their coach. A budget will be developed by your team manager and/or treasurer, setting the amount each family is to pay. Team dues are paid directly to your team manager or treasurer.

Financial Assistance:  Lake Norman Soccer Club is pleased to provide dues assistance to members of our organization.  We would like to be able to provide financial assistance to all those who do not have the ability to pay. However, we have limited funds, and they will be awarded to those who qualify on a first come, first served basis. It is very important to have all the financial assistance paperwork TURNED IN AT YOUR RESPECTIVE POST TRYOUT TEAM MEETINGS.  The related paperwork is located under Forms on our website.  Financial Assistance is only available for Club Fees.